Synopsis True Spirit Film Adapted From the True Story of Jessica Watson Releases February 3, 2023 on Netflix The story of Australian teenager, Jessica Watson, the youngest person ever to sail solo, non-stop around the world. Check out the synopsis, which will air on February 3, 2023 on Netflix.

Real story of teen who sailed around the world by herself comes to life in True Spirit trailer

In the heart-pounding trailer below, see Titan's Teagan Croft take to the seas as Jessica, with Avatar: The Way of the Water's Cliff Curtis as her sailing coach, and Anna Paquin and Josh Lawson as her supportive parents.

"Jessica Watson's story is an extraordinary one of perseverance in the face of obstacles and when all the odds are stacked against you," Paquin tells EW. "As a mother, I'm always really excited to find inspiring role models for my kids to look up to when they face challenges. And it being a young girl who managed to do this makes it even more special because so much ... has traditionally centered around boys and their adventures and achievements. I hope audiences of all ages and genders feel encouraged to pursue their dreams and goals no matter how out of reach they may seem."

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Reviewing the movie for What’s on Netflix, Andrew Morgan ultimately concluded that the movie had some nice moments but didn’t give it a play rating saying, “The story of Jessica Watson is worth a look, but it may prove too generic as a film product for much of its intended audience.”

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